Uploading your SCORM Packages

To upload your course packages to the Preview Ninja, you have two options - uploading directly from other Ninjas, or uploading packages manually.

Uploading from other Ninjas

Several of our other Ninjas (such as the Media Ninja and Document Ninja) allow you to upload your current packages to the Preview Ninja without even needing to save and upload any files yourself - when in the Download your Package stage, just look for the Open in Preview Ninja button!

Open in Preview Ninja button

Clicking this will open the Preview Ninja in a new tab or window, with a copy of your course package already in the file list. If you make any changes to your course, you will need to click the button again to preview the latest version.

If your browser has pop-up blockers enabled, be sure to allow pop-ups for the Ninja, otherwise it will not open.

Uploading from your computer

To upload a package that you've already downloaded onto your computer, simply drag the .zip file from your desktop and over the Preview Ninja window. Then just drop it into the Ninja!

Preview Ninja drag and drop

It'll take a few moments to load, but the package will then appear in the list of files in the left hand column.

If you're already viewing a package in the Ninja, you may need to drag onto the file list directly for this to work, rather than just anywhere over the Ninja. If the overlay shown above appears, go ahead and drop it!

Preview Ninja file list

If the package manifest file checks out, a white star icon will appear to the right of the package name. If there's an error with the manifest, the star icon will be an outline only.

Preview Ninja manifest check

Once a package's been uploaded, you don't need to stop at just one! You can have several packages stored in the Ninja and switch between them at any time simply by clicking them.

The Preview Ninja doesn't support uploading multiple files at once, nor trying to upload packages while a previous package is still uploading. For the best results, upload your packages one at a time!