Parse pages

Parse pages are a special page type - they contain content just like standard pages, but they do not show up amongst the navigation when the course is played. Instead, they are used by a number of elements and interactions (lightboxes, tabs, accordions, etc) that display the contents of these pages within themselves.

While there is an element to create a parse page from sections of existing page content, there may be times when setting up a parse page from scratch may be preferrable. You can do this easily from the Page tab.

To do this, follow the steps to create a new page or pick an existing page you want to convert, then double click its name to open the Page tab. We will need to edit the FileName property.

Page FileName Rename button

If starting from a brand new page, the Rename button will have a strike through it - it will not allow you to edit the file name unless you go to the Content tab and save something in there first! (You may also need to then double click the page name in the Navigation section again for the button to show properly)

Click the Rename button and a popup window will appear asking for a new name.

Page FileName Rename popup

Type in any name you want, but it MUST begin with the term 'parse' (e.g.: parseNewPage, parsetest, parse_page). Don't worry about typing the file extension, it will be kept as is. Then click OK.

The page will now be hidden when the course is played, but can be referred to by the following items: