Content Tab

This tab is where the editing of page content takes place - it's where images, text and other interactive elements are entered, and is likely the most important tab you'll use (and the one with all the fun stuff!).

Content tab

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It's comprised of two sections - a group of toolbars with various options; and the content field where text and coding is typed into the page.

Any changes made here will have to be saved by clicking the blue Save button in the top right of this area. Don't forget to do this before switching to other pages or tabs!

Content Save button

  • This Save button ONLY saves what is in the content field - it does not save any navigation changes, and likewise, saving over in the Navigation panel will not save changes in the content field!
  • Known issue: If deleting text from the content field, NEVER save the page if the field is empty! If the page is saved while no text characters are present, a bug will render the page useless - even if the page is saved afterwards with text entered, it will not show up on the page when the course is played. The only solution at this point is to delete the current page, create a new page and start again!


This setting divides the page up into two columns when the course is played - the left hand column being where normal content is displayed, the right hand column being where Right-hand images and content within {right} tags will appear.

Grid settings

  • Auto: Default setting. Normal content takes up entire page, but if {right} tagged elements are present, a ¼ width right hand column will be created to display them in.
  • ¾:¼: Page is always split. Normal content takes up three quarters of page width.
  • :⅖: Page is always split. Normal content takes up three-fifths of page width.
  • ½:½: Page is split by half. Normal content appears on left, {right} elements on right.
  • ½:½: Page is split by half. Normal content appears on right, {right} elements on left.
  • None: Normal content takes up entire page. No right hand column is created and no {right} tagged elements are shown, even if present in the page content.
  • ½:½ needs a {right} or {rightimages} element present in order to display correctly; otherwise it will appear identical to ½.
  • Changing the grid setting counts as a navigation change - page content is saved via the standard Save button, but the navigation will also need to be saved for the new layout to appear next time the course is played!


This toolbar features some of the more common options for formatting page content.

Content toolbar

All of these options can also be found in the aforementioned Elements, Interactions and Formatters lists. In order from left to right, the items featured here are:

Content field

This is the area in which a page's content is directly edited.

Content field

Users type their text into this field, whereas Elements, Interactions and Formatted items are represented as curly-bracketed '{ }' coding, as part of an in-house custom language. Bracketed coding is automatically highlighted, with different colours for each overlapping bracket segment.

The first paragraph of text in the content field will automatically display as a H1 heading font when the course is played (unless using other coding or exceeding 99 characters).


Aside from ordinary text, you have access to several categories of content via a scrollable list at the right of the screen.

Elements list

These allow you to insert additional features and styling into your course; such as images, embedded media, interactions, hyperlinks, lightboxes and formatters for text, as well as tools and utilities for cleaning HTML content and structuring your pages. There's a lot to choose from!

If you're not sure how an item works, this help document features an complete index for every item in this list, which can be accessed either via the left hand menu or by clicking the link below:

Content Elements Index

Recovering a previous version

Similar to the Navigation panel on the left hand side, there is a drop down menu just below the content field. Each time content is saved, an entry is added to the list, displaying the date and time of the save, as well as who did it.

Select a revision

Clicking on any of these entries will open the following window:

Select a revision (2)

In this window, you have three tabs:

  • Current: This tab shows the current content.
  • [Timestamp entry]: This tab shows the content on this particular save. If you want to 'go back' to this save, highlight and copy the text shown here, then close the window and paste it into the content area.
  • Diff: This tab shows the difference between the previous two tabs. Text with the strikethrough and red highlight has been removed since this save; text with the green highlight has been added since this save.

Select a revision (3)

To exit out of the window at any time, click the OK button in the bottom right corner.