Reviewing Previously Saved Navigation

If you want to compare the differences between your current layout and a previous save, use the dropdown menu just below the navigation section. Each time a layout is saved, an entry is added to the list, displaying the date and time of the save, as well as who did it.

Navigation revisions

Clicking on any of these entries will open the following window:

Navigation revisions popup

In this window, you have three tabs, all of which display the layout structure in its raw XML (eXtensible Markup Language) form:

  • Current: This tab shows the current course layout.
  • [Timestamp entry]: This tab shows the code of the layout on this particular save.
  • Diff: This tab shows the difference between the previous two tabs. Code with the strikethrough and red highlight has been removed since this save; code with the green highlight has been added since this save.

Navigation revisions popup (2)

To exit out of the window at any time, click the OK button in the bottom right corner.

  • Unlike displaying previous versions of standard page content, there is no method of recovering previous layouts. This tool only serves to show the difference between previous and current versions.