Managing Pages

There's no toolbar or menu for this area, but right-clicking on any of the page names (or the ‘Course’ label at the top of the list) gives the following options:

  • Create
  • Rename
  • Delete
  • Edit
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste

Default pages

By default, each new course is created with the following pages, all of which can be freely edited:

  • Introduction - standard content page.
    • Course Objectives - standard content page.
  • Content - standard content page.
  • Final Quiz - Quiz page for interactive questions.
  • Summary - standard content page with Completion Page interaction, displaying the course results and the user’s final score.

Rearranging Pages

Pages can also be rearranged simply by clicking and dragging a page name up or down the list.

Dragging one page into another will assign it as a child to the page you dragged it into. Child pages can be displayed or hidden in the Navigation section by clicking the small ‘+’ or ‘-’ icon next to the parent page name.

Renaming Pages

To rename a page, right-click on its name and select Rename from the menu that appears.

The page name will become highlighted and editable, allowing you to type in a new name. Then hit Enter/Return to finalise the name.

Deleting Pages

To delete a page, right-click on its name and select Delete from the menu that appears.

The page will immediately be deleted from the course.

There will be no 'are you sure?' prompt, so be sure you want the page removed before you do it!

Copying & Pasting Pages

To copy a page, right-click on its name and select Copy from the menu that appears.

In order to paste it, right-click on the 'Course' heading at the top of the Navigation panel (or on the parent page if you wish to create a child page) and select Paste. The page will then be inserted into the course.

Page Status

You may also notice that sometimes, page names will be highlighted in certain colours (for instance, the Final Quiz name in the default pages will be coloured blue). These signify that the page has a certain setting attached to it, usually to do with its Contribute status. These can be changed in the Page tab.

None = blank Must visit = green highlight
Must complete = red highlight Must pass = blue highlight
Parse page = gray lines See here for more information on Contribute settings.

See here for more information on Parse pages.