Course Landing Page

This is the page you'll see when you create a brand new course or enter an existing one to edit it. It's where all the tools for content creation will be found, like a treasure chest of possibilities - but no gold (unless you change the colours).

Course Landing Page

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The moment you enter, you'll see these four large buttons in the top right of the screen:

Zip/Play/Help/Close buttons

  • Zip: Downloads the course as a .zip file to upload into your learning management system (or re-upload to the course builder).
  • Play: Launches the Course Player in a new browser tab (holding Shift while clicking this bypasses the SCORM debugger).
  • Help: Opens the Help documentation (the one you're reading right now!).
  • Close: Exits the current course and takes you back to the Catalogue Landing Page.

If the ‘Optimise ZIP’ option is checked when the Zip button is clicked, the resulting file will be streamlined for a reduced file size.


This area shows the navigation layout of your course, listing all the pages contained in it and the order they'll be arranged in when the course is played (top to bottom, with parent/child hierarchies). The layout shown here will be largely identical to the one shown when the course is played (except parse pages will be hidden and inaccessible in the index).



This is the bulk of the Course Landing page; where we can adjust the content of individual pages and any associated settings. This section's also further divided into tabs - though which tabs are available will depend on what type of page you're editing.

To edit properties of the course as a whole, double-click the 'Course' heading at the top of the Navigation panel. The Advanced, Settings and Tools tabs will be available.

To edit properties and content of a specific page, double-click its name in the Navigation panel. If you're editing a standard page, the Page and Content tabs will be available. If you're editing a Quiz or Test page, the Page and Quiz tabs will be available.

The Overrides tab will always be available.

Navigation - editing Course vs editing pages


If an issue arises with the course navigation or a conflict arises between page Contribute settings, the next time you return here from the the Course Landing Page, a warning message will appear under the Navigation panel with a brief summary of any issues present. If nothing's wrong, this section won't show up.

If you're wondering what Contribute settings are, check the Page tab for more info.

Navigation warning