Convert selection to parse include

This element is used to take a section of content on your current page and create a parse page to host it.

Highlight the content you want to be affected and then select the element from the right-hand list. The parse page will be created automatically and the content immediately moved to it and saved on that page.

Code will automatically be placed where the content was originally located. When playing the course, this code loads the parse page content in its place.

You can also use this Toolbar button as a shortcut: Convert selection to parse include toolbar icon

Convert selection to parse include code appears like this:

{parse pagename.txt}

A pages’ file name can be found on the Page tab that appears whenever you open a page to edit it. The file extension must be included in the code.

  • When the parse code is generated on the current page, don’t forget to Save before navigating away, otherwise you will lose it! (though it can be easily retyped).