Strip all HTML from source code

This element is used to remove any HTML tags and coding within the content area – this may come in handy if copying content directly from a website’s page source.

Strip all HTML from source code

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Copy and paste the page source HTML into the content area and select the element from the right-hand list. Any HTML tags will be immediately removed. Not all formatting may be preserved, but content is still freely editable.

You can also use this Toolbar button as a shortcut: Strip all HTML from source code toolbar icon

  • This will also remove Formatter Blocks options (see Content Elements Index).
  • HTML tags that are self-contained (such as < img > for images, for instance) will be removed entirely and thus will need to be replaced entirely by in-editor elements.
  • Any content within and including < > bracket characters will also be removed, even if not referring to any proper HTML tags.