This element is used to create a large, right-hand column tile to emphasise a portion of text or content.


(Click image to enlarge)

Type the text you want to use for your fastfact, highlight it and select the element from the right-hand list. The code will be placed in the content field.

Fastfact code appears like this:

{fastfact title for fastfact|text for fastfact}

First segment is for the fastfact title, second segment is the content (the text you highlighted).

  • If using this element on the same page as Right-hand images or Use right column coding, the location of these tags WILL influence each other. For instance, fastfact instances placed above any Right-hand images content will appear above said content in the right-hand column! Otherwise, since the element location is fixed, it does not matter where the code is located, but somewhere out of the way (such as the bottom of the page) is recommended.