Bulleted list

This element is used to create an ordered list of items using bullet points.

Bulleted list

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Place the cursor where you want the list to appear in the content field and select the element from the right-hand list. The following popup will appear.

Insert a list of items popup

Type the content you want to appear in the list. Each line break with the Enter / Return key will count as a new bullet. When you are done, click Save. The code will be placed in the content field.

You can also use this Toolbar button as a shortcut: Bulleted list toolbar icon

Bulleted list code appears like this:

{bullets text1|text2|text3|text4}

To add another bullet, add a vertical bar | and text to the end of the code.

If you want to have lines that are further indented, add another instance of a Bulleted list at the end of the preceding line (before the vertical bar | character).

{bullets text1|text2{bullets text2a}|text3|text4}
  • Bullets and numbers lists can be mixed within each other using the method above, but this is not recommended if the primary list is numbers - it will count any unnumbered bullets as numbers themselves.