This element is used to split content into columns, either by utilising linked content from parse pages or by typing content directly into the code itself.


(Click image to enlarge)

Place the cursor where you want the code to appear in the content field and select the element from the drop-down menu. The following window will appear:

Author multi-page item popup

Type the title for the first tab item in the text field below the Item number (this will not show in the course itself, only displaying in the Navigation panel when editing the course). Enter the content you want to place in the parse page in the content field below.

To create new tab items, click the ‘Add another tab’ button in the top right corner and repeat the above process. To switch between tab items, click on the Item number itself. To delete a tab, click on the small ‘x’ to the right of the Item number.

Edit the tab items to your liking, then click Save. The code will be placed in the content field.

Columns code appears like this:

{columns {parse page1filename.txt}|{parse page2filename.txt}|{parse page3filename.txt}} 

Default instance of this code.

{columns Content for column 1|Content for column 2|Content for column 3} 

Instance with content typed directly into code.

If you need to edit the content of the tabs again, go to the Navigation area, find the parse pages that were created by the element, double-click on them and go to the Content tab. Then edit and save as you wish!

  • Since this interaction adds new pages to the course, you will need to save the navigation as well!