Catalogue Landing Page

This is the first page you'll see upon opening the Course Engine, featuring an index list of all your saved courses. From here, we can create new courses, upload existing course zips and enter courses to edit them, among other things.

Cataloge Landing Page

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Course Filters

At the top of the course list, we have a handy search bar. You can use it to quickly search for courses if you're trying to find them amongst a very long list.

Select Some Options

Simply start typing into the search bar and the course list will filter as you type, hiding any items that don't contain the phrase you entered. You're not just limited to the course name, by the way - feel free to type in a folder group name, file name (e.g.: New_Blank_Course) or even a label (e.g.: inprogress); the search will list anything matching in any of those categories.

Searching courses

It's best to use longer (or more specific) keywords since the search will detect any matching set of characters - for instance, searching 'tim' will also pick up courses with the words 'time', 'optimised', etc.