References Editor

The References editor allows you to manage a list of references for cited information. It can be accessed via the References button in the Tools tab, or when creating a Reference number interaction in the Content tab.

References editor

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Uploading / editing a reference

To add a reference to the list, click the Add Item button in the bottom left of the window. A blank entry will be created at the top of the list:

New Reference

The first text box is where the reference itself is placed. The second text box allows you to place a description of the reference or a hyperlink to the reference - or you can leave it blank if neither is needed.

You cannot have both a description and hyperlink in the same field. You will have to choose one or the other (or none).

To edit a reference, simply type your changes into whichever text fields you need to edit.

Reordering a reference

By default, new reference items are placed at the top of the list. If you want to move an item higher or lower in the list, click and hold the mouse on the small arrow icon to the left of a reference, then drag up or down the list.

Reordering a Reference

Release the mouse when you have the position you want.

Deleting a reference

To delete a reference, simply click the ‘x’ button to the right of the reference item and it will immediately be removed.

Deleting a Reference

Referencing a document in the course directory

If you want to reference a document you have imported into your course through the File Browser (Word document, Powerpoint, PDF, etc), open the File Browser window and select the document you need from the left hand menu. When its details show up, take note of the RefLink:

Reflink 1

Copy the RefLink, open the References editor and paste the RefLink into the description/hyperlink field of your reference, then save by clicking the dark blue Save button.

Reflink 2

When the course is played, this reference will act as a hyperlink that, when clicked, opens or downloads the attached file for the user.

Accessing the Reference window in the course player

When the course is played, the References window is accessed by clicking the References button in the footer (if it is enabled) or by clicking on any reference tags marked in the course (if any are present).

References button in footer

References window in player