Glossary Editor

The Glossary editor allows you to manage a list of key terms and their definitions. It can be accessed via the Glossary button in the Tools tab, or when creating a Glossary term interaction in the Content tab.

Glossary editor

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Uploading / editing a glossary term

As the instructions in the window state, you can create a new term simply by typing it out in the text field, then pressing Enter on the keyboard (or clicking outside the text box).

Uploading Glossary term

If you want to edit an existing term, simply double-click it. The window will then change, allowing you to type in a definition in a second text box (and to edit the original term if you need to).

Editing Glossary term

Once you are done, press the white Save button below the text boxes to confirm the changes to this term. The Glossary editor will return to the list of terms.

To save the glossary list and exit the Glossary editor, click the blue Save button in the right hand corner.

You will need to press the blue Save button to keep ANY changes made to the Glossary after the editor is closed - the white Save button that appears when editing / creating a new term only retains changes to that term while the Glossary editor is kept open.
i.e.: If you create a new term and save via the white Save button, but then close the window without clicking the blue Save button, the term will disappear; and if you edit existing terms without clicking the blue Save button, the changes will be lost!

Deleting a glossary term

To delete a Glossary term, simply click the small ‘x’ icon next to it and it will immediately be removed.

Delete button

Accessing the Glossary window in the course player

When the course is played, the Glossary window is accessed by clicking the Glossary button in the footer (if it is enabled) or by clicking on any glossary terms marked in the course (if any are present). Glossary terms will be listed alphabetically.

Glossary button in footer

Glossary window in player